Proceeding with sound

ONZU Inc., as an experienced professional sound system integrator,
we will create the customer's aim.



1. Acoustic Project Produce & Direction

We will support all the steps to complete the sound project with a wealth of experience and knowledge. We will promptly manage and promote projects with optimal steps and networks.

2. Design and construction of audio / video system

From experiences and knowledge accumulated at the forefront of the acoustics industry that always needs the best results, understanding the characteristics of equipment, optimum design and best performance will be drawn out for the best results for our customers.

3. Sales of world's professional audio equipment

We are introducing the professional audio brand of the world. We examine whether it is suitable for introduction as a professional, analyze the needs collected in our company in Japan, import and sell the optimum equipment.


Company Name ONZU, Inc.
Address 5-22-11-503 Shirokanedai,Minato-ku,Tokyo JAPAN 108-0071
Phone +81-3-6450-3873
CEO Yoshi-hiro Hirano